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Metabolic Weight Loss-Lose Weight By Optimizing These Hormones

Dr Hagmeyer is a Holistic Chiropractic physician who works with patients all over the United States and Internationally, get their lives back using a Holistic and Functional Medicine approach to weight loss and other Metabolic disorders. A Different Kind Of Weight Loss Program. As time passes and new discoveries are made, older ideas and concepts wash […]

Weight loss and Gluten- Lose The Belly By Ditching The Wheat

Today’s wheat may be dangerous because it greatly elevates blood sugar levels, leading to insulin spikes that cause chronic inflammation and excess belly fat (visceral fat). By eating some form of wheat morning noon and night – which many of us do – you’re not only gaining weight, but are also becoming more susceptible to […]

Lose The Weight Ditch The Wheat- Video

In this video Dr Hagmeyer shares how eliminating this one food can have a massive impact on your health and your weight. Over the years, wheat has been genetically modified in order for American farmers to produce a high-yield crop of dwarf-size plants that was never tested to see if it was healthy for human consumption. […]

Stress and Weight Gain- The connection between the two

How Stress Causes Weight Gain Your walnut-sized adrenal glands, which sit on top of your kidneys, cannot distinguish among the various stresses that are present in your life — whether they are physical, mental, or emotional. The adrenals just pump out hormones to counteract stress — any stress! They are “fight or flight” hormones intended […]

Fat? Maybe It’s Not Your Fault But the Bacteria Living Inside Your GI Tract.

We all carry trillions of bacteria in our guts, with as many as a thousand different strains. The composition of these strains, or our “bacterial fingerprint,” can influence whether we are prone to depression, anxiety, or obesity. Some gut bacteria can Leave you feeling depressed, fat and feeling anxious. Studies have shown people (and mice) […]

Maximize Weight loss and Slow Down The Aging Process By Activating This Hormone.

How To Do a Burpee. My favorite all time functional movement exercise that requires no gym equipment, no gym membership is the Burpee. I have a love hate relationship with them especially when I am doing as many as I can within a 7 minute period. But you probably be shocked to find out that […]

Natural Thyroid Treatment|Action Steps to Overcome Thyroid Weight Gain- Dr. Richard Hagmeyer

Action Steps NEEDED To Overcome Thyroid Weight Gain. Frustrated with Thyroid Weight Gain? For many people with a thyroid condition, “thyroid weight gain” is not only common but it is often THE most frustrating part of a thyroid disorder. Nobody like to be overweight! Weight gain tends to be more common in people who have hypothyroidism […]

Three Reasons Diabetics Struggle with Weight Gain. Naperville Natural Diabetes and Neuropathy Treatment Center. Dr Richard Hagmeyer Naperville Institute For Neuro Metabolic Solutions

type two diabetes woman holding hips

Three Reasons Type 2 Diabetes Can’t Lose Weight. Type 2 diabetes is a syndrome affecting many different body organ systems, and we recognize today that a few of these areas are also associated in the weight gain that people with type 2 diabetes experience. The thyroid gland, the liver, the adrenals, the pancreas, as well as the gastrointestinal […]

Alternative Thyroid Treatments That Work| Estrogen Dominance and Weight Gain| Dr Hagmeyer From NeuroMetabolic Solutions of Naperville IL explains Why

woman holding scale

Fatigued, Depressed, Difficulty with Weight Loss. Dr Hagmeyer From NeuroMetabolic Solutions of Naperville Il Explains Why. Fatigued, depressed, difficulty losing weight..? It may be due to your hormones. I know, these days it seems it seems like everyone is blaming everything  on hormones. But, lets take a closer look at why so many women are […]

5 Warning Signs That Your Thyroid May Not Be Your Problem|Holistic Thyroid Treatment

your thyroid may not be your problem

5 Warning Signs that your thyroid may not be your problem.   Here are 5 Warning Signs that you may have hypothyroidism from an immune mechanism, and that the treatment your are currently receiving may not adequate for your particular condition:  1)The dose of your thyroid replacement hormone continually goes up over time. If you are […]