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4 Step Protocol For Healing A Leaky Gut and Eliminating Parasites

Dr. Hagmeyer explains How The Gut Healing Protocol or 4R for Leaky Gut, Parasites, inflammation, Gut Dysbiosis can work towards healing your gut.     Having a digestive system that works right is a key component to maintaining and restoring health. The 4 Step protocol (4R Gut Repair Protocol) for healing a leaky gut can often […]

Gluten Sensitivity And Yeast Cross Reactivity- Why Yeast Causes Problems

Dr. Hagmeyer- explains exactly why you may not have experienced better health since embarking on a gluten free diet. Hey everybody Dr Hagmeyer Here and In today’s short video, I want to share with you another damaging food you could be eating if you have celiac disease, or you have been tested and are gluten […]

5 Roadblocks Hindering Healing In Your Gut

When Dietary Changes Don’t Work for healing IBS, Chronic Diarrhea, SIBO, Fructose Mal-absorption, Constipation, Autoimmune disease….now what?Today, more than ever people are looking for an individual approach that suites them. Functional Medicine offers such as approach. Each one of us has a unique biochemistry that allows our body to perform at its optimal potential. If […]

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth- A Common Problem with IBS Sufferers

Dr Hagmeyer explains exactly what you need to know If you suspect Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)- A Common Problem with IBS Sufferers Have you ever just finished eating and start to feel so bloated that it feels like a struggle just to keep your pants buckled? Patients often tell me about how they wake […]

Hashimotos Thyroid and Adrenal Fatigue. Causes and Effects

It’s cause, It’s Effects And The Action Steps You Need To Take. I have yet to find someone with Hashimoto’s disease that does not also suffer from adrenal fatigue. These conditions are usually two ends of the same stick. How this condition develop sand the action steps necessary to restore the health of your adrenal […]

10 Steps To Naturally Reversing Your IBS- Video

Why Do You Continue Suffering With Horrible Digestive Symptoms Like Diarrhea, Constipation, Bloating, Intestinal Cramping, Intestinal Spasms, Fatigue… When Your Doctors Say There Is Nothing Wrong And All Your Lab Tests Are normal? If your like most people that find this site, you are frustrated with the treatment and management of your digestive disorder. Perhaps you have been […]

Thyroid and Toxicity| Your Livers Role in Detoxification and Health

The liver is a complex organ that is involved in many different metabolic and immune processes. If it is not functioning properly, then a number of bodily processes may be thrown off. In many cases, a poorly functioning liver is responsible, at least in part, for thyroid issues and hormonal imbalances. Sadly, many medical doctors […]

Leaky Gut? Try Making Your Own Cultured Vegetables To Help Support Gut Health

If you suspect you have a leaky gut or have been diagnosed as having one you may be at a loss for what you can and cant eat. I have written many articles on leaky gut and intestinal permeability, so in this article I wanted you to be familiar with some home remedies that can help support […]

Alternative Treatments And Disorders Related To Gluten

Gluten Sensitivity Testing 5

Gluten is a relatively common sensitivity amongst people of all ages. When you are having problems with gluten, it may be for a number of different reasons. The problem with  Gluten is that it over stimulates the immune system and by doing so causes inflammation and damage to surrounding tissues. Gluten sensitivity is basically defined […]