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Step 1

Purchase Metabolic Assessment form (MAF) $99

The (MAF) will help me Understand your Goals, Severity and Frequency of Your Symptoms.

Step 2

30 Minute Consult

Let’s Discuss your top Concerns and most pressing Symptoms. We Can then determine the best supplements for you.

Step 3

Start Your Supplement Protocol 

We will provide you with all the instructions you need to properly take your supplements

Step 4

Get Control  Of Your Health

Once you implement and follow Your protocol, within a few weeks you can expect to see 15-30% improvement in symptoms within the first month. 

When it comes to supplements, there is no one-size-fits-all.  Everyone has different needs for supplements depending on age, lifestyle, health history, and goals. When it comes to supplements, how do you know if you are taking the right ones? With my Metabolic assessment screening, we can make sure you are taking the correct ones. My team and I will create your very own personalized supplement regimen based on a Metabolic Assessment Form.

The Metabolic Assessment Screening is a convenient screening of some of the bodies most fundamental functional systems. It helps us understand all your symptoms, the severity of these symptoms, the frequency of these symptoms and most importantly the patterns of metabolic imbalance.

This Metabolic Assessment Screening can help reveal areas where additional testing may be needed or used to determine what nutritional supplementation will benefit you. 

There are 12 metabolic areas that can be assessed with our Metabolic Screening tool.

  1. Digestion
  2. Blood sugar
  3. Adrenal glands
  4. Electrolytes
  5. Stomach hyper acidity
  6. Stomach hypo acidity
  7. Chemical tolerance
  8. Peripheral utilization of sugars
  9. Thyroid
  10. Adrenal
  11. Male Hormones
  12. Female Hormones

The Metabolic Assessment Screening is a questionnaire where you can rate the severity of a symptom and the frequency at which that symptom occurs. Each category represents a different system of the body ie Stomach, Thyroid, Blood sugar, Adrenals, etc.

Once we know where your metabolic patterns are not balanced, we can target these areas by implementing a nutritional supplement protocol.   

This Metabolic Assessment Screening And Consultation Is Perfect If You Are:

  1. Someone who suffers with Fatigue, Brain fog, Insomnia, Inner tension, GI problems, Hormone imbalances, Thyroid problems, Toxicity or any other metabolic imbalance.
  2. Someone who desires a natural approach to restoring health and is interested in identifying where their potential metabolic weaknesses are.
  3. Someone who is interested in how Functional Medicine would approach these health concerns and metabolic weaknesses.

What Does The Metabolic Assessment Screening and Discovery Consultation Include?

  1. Dr Hagmeyer will review the Metabolic Assessment Form identifying patterns of metabolic or nutritional dysfunction prior to your discovery Consultation.
  2. 30 minute phone consultation to discuss the results of the screening and recommendations on “what to do next”
  3. Recommended supplements.

Ready To Feel Good Again?

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