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Purchase Nutritional Counseling $249

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Consult with Your Nutritional Therapist

 Customize a Diet and answer all your Questions.

Step 3

Implement Personalized Dietary recommendations

Once you implement and follow your Dietary protocol, we typically see 10-30% improvement in symptoms per month

Step 4

Start Feeling Better

We have a team of health coaches, functional nutritional therapy practitioners as well as Functional Nutritionists. Let us help you with meal planning, recipes and implementing and customizing a diet for you. Our Certified Functional Nutritionists are experts in the field of nutrition and dietary implementation. 

Are you overwhelmed by all the dietary approaches out there?If you have a chronic health problem then you already know that dietary changes, exercise, minimizing stress, are all important steps to regaining your health. You probably also know that you need to make some big dietary changes as one of the first steps. For many people these dietary changes can be a bit overwhelming to say the least. Where do you start? what do you eat? Are you overwhelmed by all the options and diets? SCD, low FODMAP, Keto, Gluten free, Paleo, AIP, etc, etc

Let my Certified Functional Nutritionists help design a functional nutrition program tailored to your needs.

Functional Nutrition is an emerging new specialty within the field of nutrition. Food is much more than calorie counting or carb counting. Functional Nutrition is the science behind optimizing and individuals diet based on their lifestyle and sometimes their health challenges.

Just as Functional Medicine approaches the body from the perspective of treating the root cause of disease, Functional Nutrition therapists looks at how foods affects your body at the cellular level.

Working with a Heal coach, nutritional therapist or Functional Nutritionist, can help you be most effective at implementing your nutritional treatment plan, avoiding common pitfalls, and optimizing your health outcomes. With your own personal nutritionist, you will be able to:

– Utilize the most effective single or multi-layered (combination) therapeutic diets
– Simplify the implementation of complex, layered food plans into a single, personalized plan to follow
– Ensure that the plan is nutritious and do-able, that restaurants and favorite snacks are included, as possible
– Request menu plans and recipes that match your own food preferences, cooking style and ability, equipment, and lifestyle
– Identify what roadblocks are getting in the way of your success and gain the knowledge, skills, and motivation to overcome them
– Assistance with dietary expansion after the therapeutic stage is complete
– Regular contact and support. Your nutritionist walks your journey with you!

Dr Hagmeyer and the nutritionists that work with him, have extensive training to determine nutritional and lifestyle imbalances and to how to use food as medicine. There is no one diet that is perfect for everybody.

Common Dietary approaches used in Functional Nutrition 

  1. SCD
  2. Paleo
  3. Autoimmune Paleo Diet (AIP)
  4. GFD aka Gluten Free diet
  5. Low FODMAP
  6. Elemental Diet
  7. Ketogenic Diet “Keto”
  8. Low Glycemic
  9. Low Histamine
  10. Vegetarian
  11. Biphasic Diet


Whats Included in my Initial Functional Nutrition Consultation?

  • 45-60 minutes Consult with one of our Certified Functional Nutritionists
  • Review of 7 day Food Journal
  • Assess your lifestyle
  • Develop a Nutritional plan to meet your goals and needs.
  • All consultations are completed by telephone conference, standard voice calls.

I’m ready to feel good again

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