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Balancing Male Hormones Naturally

I have over the last several weeks had many men contact our office regarding their health challenges as it relates to Thyroid problems, weight loss resistance, Fatigue and overall feeling blah.

Although most of the patients I work with are female, there are also many men who suffer with thyroid and autoimmune thyroid conditions. Sadly, many men just don’t know how effective a natural male hormone treatment protocol can be in many of these cases.

One of the most important things you can understand if you are a male battling fatigue and thyroid problems is that your problem in NOT JUST YOUR THYROID but a combination of multiple systems not working properly. Just as is the case with women, many men also have hormone imbalance, blood sugar problems, Inflammation, Food Sensitivities, and Gastrointestinal disturbances which must be addressed if you are to ever get well.

Simply taking your Androgel, Synthroid or Levoxyl is not going to correct your problem. Time and Time again, Men will tell me that their doctor tested their “Hormones” and Everything was “normal” I wish I had nickel for every time I heard this!


Because of this ongoing mismanagement and insufficient testing happening to men, I wanted to put an article that would give you information and shine light onto some of your health concerns. Here again, there is much more to correcting thyroid problems or Male hormone imbalances in men. But this is only one facet of many that need to be addressed. For the purpose of this article this is one of the keys we will be talking about.

Symptoms of Male Hormone Imbalances and Thyroid problems.

surprised manDepressed, Melancholy or feeling Bla
Belly Fat
Loss of muscle tone
Excessive sweating
Brain Fog (Concentration, Focus)
Blood sugar issues Insulin Resistance
High Cholesterol
Weight gain
Sleeping Problems
Prostate problems
Maintaining Erection or Ejaculation.

A Basic Breakdown Of The Male Hormones

Here is how it all goes downhill for many men. The pathway which forms the male hormones is actually very similar to the female pathway. It all begins with Cholesterol, which is then converted into pregnenolone, and from this point it divides into two separate pathways. One potential pathway is for the pregnenolone to be converted into progesterone, which in turn will convert into the adrenal hormones, aldosterone and cortisol.

androgen pathway

Pregnenolone can also get converted into DHEA, which in turn gets converted into the male steroid hormone, androstenedione, which in turn gets converted into testosterone. Testosterone under certain circumstances will then convert into either DHT or Estradiol.

With a man different enzymes are involved in the conversion process of testosterone. 5-alpha reductase is involved in the conversion of testosterone to DHT, while aromatase is involved in the conversion of testosterone to estradiol, as well as androstenedione into estrone.


#1 you will notice that all the hormones come from Cholesterol. Cholesterol is notorious been given a bad rap and over the years has been unjustly vilified. If you are taking cholesterol altering or cholesterol loweringmedications this can be a problem for your hormones. (antidepressants, statins, Acid reflux and many other medications can interfere with this process.)

#2 Many men will suffer with loss of libido, loss of strength, fatigue, belly fat, man boobs, hair loss, insomnia when they start converting their male hormones into female hormones. We call this andropause.

Instead of rushing out to take androgel, testosterone pills, DHEA or some other over the counter supplement you heard could help, you should find a doctor who has experience in working with men who suffer with hormonal imbalances. You can very easily make your self worse.

The tests used in our office are extremely comprehensive and will show this piece of your hormone puzzle. For many men, if they start to take testosterone or DHEA they will often find that these hormones get converted into estrogen. Remember estrogen is a fat storing hormone and if you are noticing that you are starting to gain weight you could be making to much estrogen. This is called estrogen dominance and is very common in men age 40-70. THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT.

So here’s my warning, blood tests are not enough to determine where your problem is stemming from. You need to look at the entire family of hormones not just testosterone.

For example, if someone has low testosterone levels, bioidentical tesosterone is commonly recommended as the solution. However, since DHEA is a precursor to testosterone, then if one has low DHEA levels then this very well can be the underlying cause of the low testosterone problem.

So in this case bioidentical DHEA should be taken, right? Well, not necessarily, as it depends on how low the DHEA is. Either way, the goal in this case should be to find out why the DHEA levels were low, as this is usually due to thyroid, High blood sugar, inflammation, or chronic stress over a prolonged period of time. Of course not every case of low testosterone is caused by low DHEA levels, but the point I wanted to make is that most medical doctors including many who claim to be holistic doctors will never look at the entire picture.

So what’s so bad about taking bio-identical testosterone?

In some(very few) cases nothing. But in most cases it does not addressing the underlying cause of the problem, an excess of testosterone will convert to estradiol, which can lead to the condition known as estrogen dominance. Some medical doctors are aware of this and thus will also recommend an aromatase inhibitorso that this conversion can’t take place. Aromatase inhibitors block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, But besides the potential side effects of these inhibitors, they once again don’t address the cause of the low testosterone.

Hopefully that explanation will give you a better understanding of some of the pitfalls men make.

Prostate Problems Can Be Caused By A Hormone Imbalance

Many of the prostate problems men have are also caused by an imbalance of the steroid hormones. This isn’t always the case, but for someone with BPH or another prostate issue, these hormones must be looked at. Once again, just looking at testosterone is not enough.

How To Detect A Male Hormone Imbalance:

In addition to the symptoms that I listed in the beginning of this article, here are some of the tests which can help determine whether someone has a hormone imbalance:

1. Male Hormone Panel- This test would evaluate the hormones such as the ones you see in the above diagram.

2. Comprehensive Metabolic Blood Panel. This test will evaluate things such as Vitamin D levels, blood sugar levels, infection, Iron Levels, Thyroid Hormones, Liver enzymes, and Markers for inflammation. You always want to have Homocysteine, C-reactive protein, Hemoglobin A1C, TSH, T3 and T4. (make sure you get both)

3. Cholesterol levels. Since cholesterol is a precursor to all of the hormones, it of course is important that people have a sufficient amount of it. Most people are concerned about their cholesterol levels being too high, but it also can cause problems if these levels are too low.

4. Additional Testing depending on other symptoms. This would be individualized to the male and depends on other concerns or health problems that may be playing a role.

Our Personal Male Hormone Recovery Program Is A Great place To Start

obesity and erectile dysfunctionSo once a hormone imbalance is detected, how can one correct this problem? Well, it depends on what type of hormone imbalance is taking place, and what the cause is. For example, if the imbalance is due to misfiring of the pituitary hormones FSH and LH, then one needs to provide support to the HP-Axis in order to correct this problem.

If the problem is low DHEA due to a prolonged stress response, then of course one needs to modify the stress response, and may need to give adrenal support to raise the DHEA levels. Sometimes a purification program can help with a hormone imbalance as well. For cases where the digestive system is being affected investigation into possible food sensitivities may be indicated, leaky gut and autoimmune conditions may be warranted. One thing is for certain. To correct these underlying areas of disturbed physiology often requires some detective work.

Balancing male hormones can be a complex puzzle that depends on the individual. Although male hormone optimization is often easier than female hormone optimization, many men ignore their problems for years. Many men year after years will notice many of the symptoms occurring but it’s not till they start noticing a change to their libido where this becomes a concern.

Our Personal Male Hormone Recovery Program Is A Great place To Start

The Personal Program Male Hormone Recovery Programis a Natural Treatment for Male hormone imbalances. Our office utilizes nutritional supplements, Dietary modifications, Hormone and endocrine support formula, and lifestyle guidance to help you achieve healthy balance

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