Low T3 Syndrome- Why Doctors Don’t Test For This

​The situation with thyroid testing and treatment is very clouded, because medical schools still provide less than adequate training regarding low T3 and Thyroid Hormone Testing. Heres what you need to know…….The Thyroid makes T4, T3 and something called Reverse T3. 

T4 needs to be converted into T3, because it is T3 that the cells of the body will use.

​Because it is T3 that is used by the body, it is the Thyroid hormone substance that determines how you feel, how you function, how you focus and concentrate, how you burn calories. This is why testing for it is important. 

Unfortunately, the standard test for thyroid function is T4 and something called TSH. This blood screening often leaves T3 and the other Thyroid markers out altogether.

How do you tell if you have low T3?

Here are some of the symptoms: stubborn weight gain, cold hands and feet, as well as low body temperature, fatigue, muscle weakness, low libido, thinning hair and eyebrows, dry and/or sagging skin, memory loss, mental confusion, depression, and more.

Even if after describing these symptoms, many patients have been unable to get further testing done. The staff simply wasn’t trained to recognize the need for more complete testing. If this is you and you want a complete thyroid panel our office has now made this available.

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