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Patients from all the world reach out to DrHagmeyer.com to regain control of their lives. People suffering with Brain fog, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Hormonal imbalances, Thyroid problems, digestive problems and more. Here are some of the patient testimonials of Dr Hagmeyer’s patients.

Patient Reviews

“I started care because my body was working against me. I was gaining weight unexplainably and suffering from severe fatigue. I was also struggling with infertility. With the supplements over the course of 10 months my energy has completely restored and I no longer suffer from any fatigue and brain fog. I’ve lost 15 pounds and feel like the inflammation in my body has significantly decreased. I was also able to achieve pregnancy for the first time in 3 years. I appreciated the thorough assessment of all my systems to put a picture together of what was causing my health issues. I was also very happy I could restore my health through natural supplementation rather than medication. Dr Hagmeyer and I share similar philosophies on health and wellness and I really appreciated his knowledge and support throughout this process.”

Susan R, Kentucky

“Happier, positive outlook on life, excited for my future. Concentrating better in classes, more motivated, making more friends. Sleeping better, feel rested with less sleep, less stressed, don’t worry as much. Most stomach pain is gone, less moody, more creative.”

Lisa P, Illinois

“I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. I did research and learned food and supplements can help cure many of my health issues that doctors were telling me were incurable and gave me meds that only covered symptoms and gave side effects. My other issues are thyroid, irregular menstrual cycle, osteopia, permeable gut, adrenal fatigue, and hypoglycemia.  I wanted a doctor to work with my whole body not just one organ. I wanted a doctor who understood the importance of health through natural means not chemicals. I wanted a doctor that took my symptoms seriously and tested me then helped me with a plan. I now know how to eat and relieve symptoms. Within weeks I had more energy, motivation and clear thinking. I have not had a flare up from my colitis in over a year. Bowel movements are better. Sleeping better. The testing I received [are ones] that other doctors do not test for. Dr Hagmeyer explains how the whole body works together. There are steps to healing and it takes time. He [Dr Hagmeyer] individualizes each person.

Clarinda M, Indiana

“The pains have gone away. I have lot 20 pounds. Anxiety has gone down. I can sleep, I can think straight, Inflammation has gone down and no more mood swings. I would definitely recommend Dr Hagmeyer. He has helped me so much!”

Kathy H, Minnesota

“I was desperate to sleep through the night. I had anxiety attacks frequently, heart palpitation, and I felt like I was half-alive. My brain was functioning at a very slow pace. I had difficulty talking with friends. I felt very un-emotional and couldn’t even find the strength to carry on normal conversations. I had severe anxiety that was keeping me in a shell and just widespread inflammation. I had cut out all processed foods/grains/dairy and still was suffering. I was desperate. My quality of life is completely different. My anxiety has almost gone away entirely; my quality of sleep changed from light sleeping and waking frequently to a more productive keep sleep and almost no night waking or insomnia. I don’t’ feel like a zombie anymore. I have a lot more energy. My anxiety had been so severe I thought I was dying. I often found myself paranoid or having thought that doom was impending. I have almost none of those thoughts or feelings anymore. My brain feels super; conversing with strangers is easier. My ability to handle stress is easier overall. My whole life has improved! Choosing to do natural medicine is one of the most empowering things you can do. No longer do I feel out of control of my health, but know that I can make changes for myself. Dr Hagmeyer has given me my life back. Anyone who suffers from chronic illness should consider alternative medicine and Dr Hagmeyer. This experience truly is life changing.”

Margrethe R, New York

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