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Are Probiotics Causing Your SIBO Symptoms of Bloating, Belly Pain and Brain Fog

Are probiotics causing your SIBO symptoms Feeling worse after taking probiotics? 5 Reasons Why you felt worse after taking Probiotics and The Best way to take probiotics.  I’m Dr Hagmeyer and welcome to my YouTube channel. We are continuing my SIBO video series titled “Everything you want to know about SIBO” Today’s video is on […]

ADRENASTIM vs ADRENACALM | Which One Will Help Me?

Feeling wired and tired at the same time? has you energy levels plummeted? Does you mind race while you are trying to sleep? AdrenaCalm an AdrenaStim might be the answer to these pestering symptoms. They can be used together or separately, depending on whats wrong and the symptoms you are experiencing. First- These are both […]

What Makes a Great Functional Medicine Doctor?

Every patient I see is unique.  Biochemistry and genetic makeup are different for us all and functional medicine accounts for that.  Instead of treating the disease, functional medicine treats the individual with personalized health care by calling on the body’s natural ability to self-heal. Rooted in science, functional medicine draws on the most current research […]

Dr Hagmeyer’s Top 5 Reasons For Hair Loss

Hi Dr Hagmeyer here and today I want to talk to you about something that affects millions of woman worldwide and most importantly something that can crush a woman’s spirit and impact so many areas of her life. I’m talking about Hair loss. Of all the symptoms that woman can experience there is nothing quite […]

T3 Reverse T3 Ratio- How To Calculate It.

Thyroid numbers are often misunderstood and confusing to say the least. Mix in low thyroid function with the common menopause, perimenopasuse, adrenal fatigue and other hormonal imbalances and you’ve got a perfect storm for feeling overwhelmed, about what to do next. Here are Just a couple point to remember that I didn’t cover in today’s […]

H.Pylori Symptoms Causes and Natural Treatment For It

Taking advantage of people with a weak immune system and the capability to spreading very quickly, H pylori is a very aggressive bacterium that causes quite a few stomach problems for its host. This bacteria is a naturally occurring part of our body that is actually beneficial in small doses. It can be extremely dangerous […]

MTHFR- What It Means In Simple Language.

This three part video series on Methylation was done by Dr. Hagmeyer, to help people understand in simple language MTHFR mutation and How it affects your Health The importance of Methylation- “The spark of life” The different Mutations seen ( 1298 and 677) and their connection to Chronic Health Problems The reason for testing MTHFR Symptoms to […]

Four Steps To Help Heal Your Dermatitis Skin Conditon Naturally.

When most people think of Gluten sensitivity they often think of gluten sensitivity and the damage it causes in the Gut (bloating, gas, acid reflux,  abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation). However, the more we study gluten sensitivity, the more we begin to understand the damage it can cause to areas outside the gut such as the skin and brain. […]