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Causes Behind Brain Fog When You Have Hashimotos

The presence of Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease has far reaching effects throughout the body which extend beyond thyroid function.  Hashimoto’s predominately influences the endocrine and immune systems, however it’s important to note disturbances within the nervous system as well.   As high levels of TPO antibodies signal the body to launch an autoimmune response, the attack […]

Causes of Intestinal Dysbiosis and Leaky Gut Syndrome

  In this video, Dr Hagmeyer explains some of the most common causes of Leaky Gut and Intestinal Dysbiosis. Treatment for Leaky Gut Leaky gut syndrome treatment focuses on the primary cause of leaky gut syndrome which can be traced to chronic infections, undigested food proteins that find their way into the bloodstream, antibiotic use, oral […]

What Kinds Of Testing Do I Need If I Suspect Hashimotos Thyroid Disease- Dr Hagmeyer

The video below covers the thyroid disease symptoms that one of Dr. Hagmeyer’s patients was experiencing as well as treatment plans from previous doctors that had failed. After discussing her hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism symptoms, and a previous diagnosis of Hoshimotos disease (an autoimmune disorder where the immune system is destroying the thyroid gland), Dr. Hagmeyer […]

Is Hives and Hashimotos Thyroid Connected? Dr. Hagmeyer Discuss the Connection.

Hives are characterized by blotchy, raised welts on the skin that appear pink or red and feel extremely itchy. Acute hives can come on very suddenly, and usually occur when an individual has an allergic reaction to something in their immediate environment. Some examples include food allergies, medication, insect bites, pollen, animals, latex, sun exposure, […]

Is Your Chronic Pain Fibromyalgia Linked To A Thyroid Problem?

Hi Dr Hagmeyer here and today we are exploring the connection between Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Chronic Pain.Millions of people worldwide suffer with Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia and so I felt it was an important topic to examine more closely and do a video on. I know it’s something that affects every Thyroid patient/Hashimoto’s patient to one […]