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Medications That Cause Leaky Gut and SIBO

Hi Folks I’ve got a couple of important things I want to share with you today when it comes to healing a leaky gut. I’m Dr Hagmeyer and today we are talking about Inflammation and a Leaky gut Some of the overlooked factors outside of diet that cause a leaky gut and finally I’m going to […]

How High Reverse T3 Causes Low Thyroid Symptoms-Dr Hagmeyer Video

A healthy thyroid produces the following hormones: T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin. T4, is the inactive form of the hormone and the most abundant, and must be converted to T3, the active hormone. But there’s another Thyroid hormone produced by the thyroid called RT3 or Reverse T3. It comes from the conversion of the storage hormone T4. While its normal […]

Low Progesterone Gluten and PCOS-Dr Hagmeyer

Gluten sensitivity, Hormone Imbalances and PCOS are often interwoven and connected in varying degrees. Dr Hagmeyer explains this connection and other factors that need consideration in woman who suffer with PCOS. Hey Folks Dr Hagmeyer here and today I want to talk to you about something I see almost daily in practice that affects millions […]

Why You Feel Worse When You Take Your Thyroid Medication-Dr Hagmeyer Video

Have you ever wondered what is causing you to feel worse when you take your Thyroid medication. Is the dosage all wrong? Did the doctor prescribe the right replacement? Are you reacting to something in the medication or is there something more serious going on? Some people wonder if they should even take their medication […]

Reverse Your Thyroid Disease By Knowing Your Triggers-Dr Hagmeyer Explains

Thyroid Trigger #1: The Immune System. 90% of all thyroid conditions are autoimmune in nature. So for most people, the immune system is going to be the primary factor which caused the person’s thyroid condition. With Graves’ Disease, there are TSH receptor antibodies which attack the TSH receptors, thus causing the thyroid gland to produce […]

Nutritional Deficiencies Common In Weight Gain and Hypothyroid

Hi I just finished my video titled “Reversing Thyroid Disease naturally” where I talk about the 10 steps to naturally supporting your thyroid and one of the components I want to dig into a little bit more and unpack for you but didn’t have time too was the (vitamins and minerals deficiencies) that are often […]

Glutathione For Autoimmune Disease-How To Make More Of It|Dr. Hagmeyer

Hi Dr Hagmeyer here and today we want to talk a bit about Glutathione and the essential role it plays in the Autoimmune disease-(immune system), we are going to talk about how to increase your levels naturally from one of the most important foods you should be eating several times per week, I am going […]

Jumpstarting Your Thyroid Naturally When Diagnosed with Hashimoto’s

Jumpstarting Your Thyroid Naturally When Diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s can be difficult to process, but learning more about the disease and effective ways to manage it can help you jumpstart a healthy lifestyle. Let’s start by breaking down the disease. Hashimoto’s presents as an autoimmune disease in 90% of diagnosed cases, with […]

Dr Hagmeyer Explains The Thyroid Connection To Depression

Thyroid Levels Depression and Your Serotonin Levels Hi Im Dr Hagmeyer and one of the most commonly overlooked areas when we talk about thyroid function and performance is the role serotonin plays. If you suffer with thyroid problems you might be all too familiar with anxiety and depression. In fact the most common medication men […]

Thyroid problems? What’s really going on with your Thyroid?

It plagues millions of women: chronic fatigue, weight gain, irregular sleep patterns, hair loss, dry skin, cold sensitivity, hot flashes, and the list goes on.  Depending upon age, many women relate these symptoms with the onset of menopause or associate individual symptoms as the product of a poor night’s sleep, seasonal change, or improper diet […]