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Your Thyroids Worst Enemy- Inflammation

Dr. Hagmeyer works with patients internationally and throughout the United States implementing natural medicine and holistic health care for Chronic conditions.  In todays video, Dr. Hagmeyer  explains 6 Common Causes of Inflammation causing your thyroid to shut down.  There are many causes behind low thyroid or hypothyroidism. These are rarely addressed in not only conventional medicine but […]

Sweet Cravings? You Have A Blood Sugar Problem.

Dr. Hagmeyer is a holistic wellness physician located in Naperville Il, He works with patients throughout the US and internationally who suffer with a variety of metabolic problems ranging from weight gain, thyroid problems, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Metabolic syndrome, and Diabetes. People know that sweets are bad for them, but in spite of this “knowing” of […]

The Food Opiods: Caseomorphins and Gluteomorphins

Is Your Food Causing You To Be High? Dr. Hagmeyer, Naperville, IL The Food Opiods: Caseomorphins and Gluteomorphins These morphine-like substances, casomorphin and gluteomorphin, which we derive from dairy and wheat respectively, are critical to our understanding of the power of these two foods in our health and well-being. Caseomorphins are the proteins that make up 80-90% of the […]

Aluminum Found in Vaccines Are Neurotoxic

Aluminum in Vaccines…Really? Vaccines are one of the most sensitive topics in the health care debate. Many people swear by them and credit vaccines with putting an end to childhood infectious diseases. Others are strongly concerned about the growing number of vaccines on the market today and legislative policies that would enforce vaccines upon the […]