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Preventing A Recurring SIBO Infection-Part IV Video Series

Preventing and Reversing A Recurring SIBO Infection The Answer For Better GI Health Lies In A Four Step Process. Have you wondered WHY you continue to Suffer with Diarrhea, Cramping, Bloating, Brain Fog, and Constipation? If your like most people you have probably #1 Not had the right Kinds of Tests Yet- You Need Functional Testing. #2 If you […]

Bloating, Stomach Distension, Diarrhea After Eating? SIBO Series Part I

Part one of a four part video series on SIBO. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth occurs when the bacteria in the large intestines get out of balance and overgrow into areas of the small intestine where they don’t belong. This happens for a number of reasons and over this E-Video course, I will be sharing the causes, testing, the […]

10 Steps For Improving Your Chances of Fertility When You Have Low Thyroid or Hypothyroidism,

10 Steps Towards Optimizing Your Chances for Fertility When You Have Low Thyroid or Hypothyroidism Woman with thyroid problems often suffer female hormone imbalances. These Female hormone imbalances are often at the root of a miscarriage. Dr Hagmeyer’s offer these 10 tips to help improve your chances of a successful pregnancy. 1. Get Your Thyroid […]

Dr Hagmeyer Patient Review-Thyroid and Infertility

Five Long Years Of Trying To Get Pregnant With A Thyroid Problem. Thanks to Dr. Hagmeyer and his Thyroid Program, I Now Have A Beautiful Healthy Baby. Infertility & Your Thyroid Having trouble getting pregnant? Your thyroid could be the problem – and your doctor may not even know it. According to many integrative and Functional Medicine Health care […]