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How Vitamin D Deficiency And Its Impact on Autoimmune Thyroid-Part III

Vitamin D Has A Tremendous Impact On The Thyroid But Especially Those Who Suffer With Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroid Part I of this series detailed the importance of using a holistic and natural approach to Vitamin D deficiencies. Part II then addressed supplements and how your bodily functions can impact absorption. So then, how do we […]

How Vitamin D Deficiency Impacts Thyroid Disorders- Part I

How Vitamin D Deficiency Impacts Thyroid Disorders Part I Thyroid disorders continue to rise, particularly when it comes to adults as they move through the different stages of life. Even as the incidences of this diagnosis continue to increase, so do the mainstream treatments handed out by traditional doctors. These often include a variety of […]

Autism Toxins and Detoxification

Autism Toxins and Detoxification Evidence continues to mount that exposure to chemicals and air pollutants carries adverse outcomes for infants, including an increased risk for autism. The latest study looking at the impacts of bisphenol A (BPA) in rhesus monkeys found that when monkeys were given regular doses of BPA that mimic human exposure that […]

Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroid and Cancer-Is There A link?

Does Hashimoto’s Increase Your Risk of Thyroid Cancer? Hashimoto’s disease (HD), also known as chronic thyroiditis, is the most common cause of hypothyroidism in the United States. This condition, an autoimmune disease that causes your immune system to attack, and destroy, your thyroid, is linked with numerous health complications ranging from heart disease and depression to […]

Jennifer Loses 60 pounds Under Dr Hagmeyers Metabolic Program

Jennifer has struggled with an autoimmune thyroid disorder called hashimoto’s for several years. Desperately Trying to lose weight and searching for a new approach, she found Dr. Hagmeyer and the Naperville Institute For NeuroMetabolic Solutions. Going through Dr Hagmeyers program has changed my life! I have lost over 60 pounds of weight, I no longer […]

Hashimotos Thyroid and Adrenal Fatigue. Causes and Effects

It’s cause, It’s Effects And The Action Steps You Need To Take. I have yet to find someone with Hashimoto’s disease that does not also suffer from adrenal fatigue. These conditions are usually two ends of the same stick. How this condition develop sand the action steps necessary to restore the health of your adrenal […]

Natural Hashimoto’s Treatment – Your Iodine Supplements May Be Making You Worse

When a patient is diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which means they have low thyroid production, the first thing that is commonly done is having a prescription for iodine supplementation. On the surface this is valid and logical, as I said, on the surface. Iodine is a component in thyroid hormone production. Iodine deficiency is a widespread, […]

Enhancing T Cell Function for Hashimotos

Enhancing T Cell Function for Hashimoto’s You have just been diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease, and if your like most patients you are probably thinking, “What can I do to decrease the autoimmune attack on my thyroid?”  the answer lies in improving a specific type of autoimmune cell called Regulatory T-Cells. Regulatory T cells are going to […]

Removing Autoimmune Triggers for Hashimoto’s

Removing Autoimmune Triggers for Hashimoto’s When there are food sensitivities already going on in the body to such things as gluten and iodine, it can trigger an autoimmune response. This is because the immune system believes these foods are trying to attack it and it lashes out. When there are food allergies, they need to […]