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Thyroid Supplements That Can Make You Worse| Dr Hagmeyer Video Series

Thyroid supplements There is an abundance of different natural thyroid support supplements and thyroid boosters being sold in retail stores, as well as on the internet. Unfortunately, what is good for one person who suffers with a thyroid disorder may not necessarily be the right supplement for another. It would be nice if all of us who […]

How To Recognize The Symptoms of Excess Male Hormones In Women.

Androgen excess is an endocrine disorder that is sometimes found in women during their reproductive years. While everyone has a combination of male and female hormones, women have more estrogen, and men have more androgen. However, certain conditions may cause women to produce excess androgen. If you are a woman taking compounded hormones, bio-identical hormone […]

Why You Feel Worse With Progesterone Cream|

Dr. Hagmeyer is a Holistic Health Care practitioner specializing in functional medicine and works with men and woman who suffer with hormone imbalances. Many women after using progesterone cream often wonder why they begin to feel worse. In this video, Dr. Hagmeyer director of the Naperville Institute for NeuroMetabolic Solutions, explains what happens and the […]

Lectins, Thyroid problems and Autoimmune Disease|Dr

Why are Lectins problematic For People with Thyroid Disorders and Autoimmune Disease? Learn more about Lectins, Thyroid disease and autoimmune disorders by watching my latest video. Lectins are problematic because they are sticky molecules that can bind to the linings of human tissue. Many food lectins can interact with and damage the delicate lining of […]