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Thyroid Problems and Hair Loss|Overlooked Causes You Need To Know About| Dr Hagmeyer Naperville IL

Nothing can be more embarrassing and affect a woman self esteem more than hair loss. We often think hair loss is the result of cancer but there are many causes that influence har growth. In This video Dr Hagmeyer touches on the more commone causes of Hair loss including low Thyroid function, Estrogen and Progesterone hormone […]

Low Thyroid Symptoms? Why you need to Have Your T3 tested. Naperville IL

Thyroid Under Conversion Dr Hagmeyer explains Thyroid Under Conversion. One of the most common problems I see in practice affectng People who suffer with Thyroid disease is Thyroid Under conversion There are many patterns that can cause low thyroid symptomsand most allopathic doctors will not order All of the Thyroid Markers. As a result of […]

Natural Thyroid Treatment|Dr. Hagmeyer Explains Why Your Thyroid Hormones Continue to Increase or Decrease Every Time You See Your Doctor. Naperville IL Thyroid treatment

Does your Thyroid Hormone Replacement medication continue to increase? If so you will want to watch Dr Hagmeyer’s short video explaining the reasons behind this. A Poorly managed Thyroid has been shown to increase fatal heart attacks by 70% and simply taking Thyroid Hormones alone, may be putting you at risk. Thyroid disorders are complex […]

Hashimotos Disease and Thyroid Destruction. What Every Patient Must Know. Dr Hagmeyer Naperville IL Thyroid Doctor.

If you have Hashimoto’s, you need to realize that you have a bigger problem than your thyroid. In just about every case of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, the malfunctioning thyroid gland is NOT the cause of the condition. In fact, while many doctors treat Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis as a “Thyroid condition”, it really needs to be looked at as […]